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Delivery best IT security services to protect your valuable information on system and networks using patent pending research's.
Always committed to CIA (confidentiality, Integrity, Availability).

IT Security Solutions

Secure Operating System (Hacking proof)
Secure Computer (Trusted Platform Module)
Antivirus & Antihacking Software
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Already 3000+ Certified Security Professionals with 100% Job Placements 
Dedicated Online Certified Trainer 

Over 25+ Video courses 


Information Security


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We have Custom Solutions for Military, Law enforcement agencies. 

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We Deliver Best Unique Values to your future...

Leo Impact Security, Inc incorporated in 2009 is a leading security company providing specialised complete security services and IT security solutions.

Leo impact is a global IT Security consulting, technology and Research company, with more than 15000+ clients in more than 75 countries.
Legally incorporated in USA, Europe-London, Asia-India, Middle East-Dubai.

We Deliver Best Unique Values to your future...

*  Already 3000+ Certified Security Professionals with 100% Job Placements
*  Dedicated Online Certified Trainer with Phone support. 
* We have own Research & Development Team, provide world class offensive & Defensive Services to Army, Intelligence agencies, Police etc- Ask for recommendation letters, so you get updated knowledge with us.

Join the following prestigious IT Security Certifications :
Ethical Hacking (Basic, Medium, Advanced) 
Exploit Development, Payload Development, GSM/ VOIP/Skype/Whatsapp Interception, 

Course Delivery Methods:
Online (Live Videos, LMS, Skype support)      Visit for more information : 

Press Release  – Leo Impact launches a New Anti-Hacking Service.

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About Leo Impact’s Anti-Hacking Consulting Services:

Leo Impact’s anti-hacking consulting services were created to protect their clients’ databases and information from various viruses and hacking attempts and have financial covers for insurance for clients.

Leo Impact provides clients with lifetime anti-hacking support. Clients are also insured since the company provides financial covers for their anti-hacking consulting services. This is a great partnership with a win-win situation and relationship. The company is committed to delivering high-quality solutions to their clients and guarantees client satisfaction. This is another service that achieves just that. Leo Impact understands the value and relation of the security they provide and trust that their clients give them. Leo Impact maintains their clients’ trust by exceeding their expectations.

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